Findery brings your idea to life

This is Findery

Findery is one of the world’s first regularly scheduled pitching events occurring on a hospital campus and open to the public. At Findery, start ups get the chance to pitch their idea to a wide variety of health care professionals and potential investors. Come to pitch your idea or discover new startups, research teams and opportunities. Findery is about sharing vibrant ideas in the fields of health and life science and bringing them to life!

Findery blooms with the possibility to meet the right persons

Find out what’s cooking in the field of health and life science! Since September 2016, Findery has brought together top scientists, recognised researchers, acknowledged doctors, highly experienced nurses, university students and many other health care professionals. The community offers lean bridges to connect you and your idea forward. Join Findery!

Pitching to the Giant

Findery is a new way to meet health care professionals of one of the giants - HUS (Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa). HUS is among the largest hospital organisations in the world with its 21 hospitals, 22,000 employees, 1,6 million patient visits, 90,000 surgeries, 3,200 beds and a budget of 2 billion. Pitching to HUS offers the best teams a great opportunity to get meaningful feedback and amazing collaboration opportunities.


Findery is organized by HUS, Health Capital Helsinki and Helsinki Think Company with our partners and friends.

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